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News & Events

News & Events

Memorial Walkway Bricks

Do you have someone or something in your life you would like to remember in a unique and special way? It is not too late  to participate in our donor brick program. The memorial walkway bricks lie next to the sidewalk in front of the church and are visible to every person who visits Grace Lutheran Church. Your personalized brick(s) will be permanently engraved with the name and/or message of your choosing.  This is a perfect idea for birthday presents, holiday gifts, and/or awards for recognition of those who are important in your life or as a memorial to the loss of a family member, dear friend, or companion. You will contribute to something that your children and grandchildren can point to with pride for years to come.  You may purchase a 4” x 8” brick for $100 or a double brick for $150. There is an option for a special very large object for a larger donation. 

Sunday, January 31— Team 4

             8:15 Worship

             9:30 Education Time

             10:30 Rejoice Worship


Monday, February 1 — Team 1

             9:00-11:30 Ruth’s Pantry

             4:30-7:00 Ruth’s Pantry

Tue.       8:00 Weigh-In Group

             6:30 Building and Grounds

Wed.     6:30 Worship and Confirmation

             7:15 Choir Practice

Thur.     9:15 Unload Ruth’s Pantry Pickup


Sunday, February 7 — Team 2

             8:15 Worship

             9:30 Education Time

             10:30 Rejoice Worship

             10:30  Fry Sausage for Pancake


Mon.      9:00-11:30 Ruth’s Pantry

             4:30-7:00 Ruth’s Pantry

Tue.       8:00 Weigh-In Group

             4:30  Pancake Supper

Wed.     9:30  Mary/Rachel Circle at


             11:00 Worship

             12:00 Soup and Sandwich Lunch

             5:30 Pot Luck supper

             6:30 Worship and Confirmation

             7:15 Choir Practice

Thur.     5:00 Cackles and Cards

             6:45  Council Meeting

Sat.       8:30 Cackles and Cards

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Meals Ministry Group

Meals Ministry Group is looking for more participants! We make meals once a month (3rd Thursday night or Saturday morning) and share meals with area families that are in need due to illness, death, or ???.


Each participant makes enough of the same meal so each participant receives one plus one extra to donate. The meat for the meals is purchased all together.  Each participant purchases her own supplies (expenses are shared equally) and we all get together to make the meals in the church kitchen. We usually take home about 8 meals per month to put in the freezer for our families.

 If you have any questions regarding this ministry please contact Wendy Zeinert 585-3894) or ( or Amy Jo Christianson ( or 470-4687).

The Senior Choir rehearsals are on Wednesday nights at 7:15 and lasting approximately one hour.

Singers are needed!  All who enjoy singing, laughing, being in a choir, and praising God through song, are welcome and encouraged to join!  

Volunteer Opportunities

Grace offers a wide variety of ways you can support the life and ministries of Grace Lutheran Church. Check the monthly newsletter for ideas that fit your interests.

Organizing for Grace in 2016:  Two Committees


The idea of forming two new committees is our intended plan for 2016.  These two committees would shape, plan, and oversee most of the functioning of the congregation.


Evangelism is “outreaching” in its overall focus and would involve four teams of people: Worship, LYF, Ministries, and Growth.


Stewardship seeks to care for the congregation’s assets and people with these four teams:  Building/Grounds, Giving, Membership, and Administration.


Confirmed members of Grace will be asked to be part of one of the two committees.  From there, teams will be developed in the eight different areas.  This isn’t so much about “how will we get enough people to sign up for all the committees?” as is the idea that whoever sees themselves as a confirmed member of Grace Lutheran would be part of the congregation’s life and ministry.  Being part of the congregation’s Evangelism or Stewardship committees is a great way to support the congregation’s life and ministry.


So, WHICH committee would YOU like to be part of?