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Text Box: Grace Lutheran Cemetery Info is Online
Through the efforts of a number of folks, you can now access information about the Grace Lutheran Cemetery online. Just copy this link into your browser:

Scroll down the list to Grace Lutheran Church.

News & Events

News & Events

Memorial Walkway Bricks

Do you have someone or something in your life you would like to remember in a unique and special way? Grace Lutheran is offering an opportunity to participate in our donor brick fundraiser to help defray the cost of the Landscape Wall Project in front of church.  The memorial walkway bricks will lay next to the sidewalk in front of the church and will be visible to every person who visits Grace Lutheran Church. Your personalized brick(s) will be permanently engraved with the name and/or message of your choosing.  This is a perfect idea for birthday presents, holiday gifts, and/or awards for recognition of those who are important in your life or as a memorial to the loss of a family member, dear friend, or companion. You will contribute to something that your children and grandchildren can point to with pride for years to come.  You may purchase a 4” x 8” brick for $100 or a double brick for $150. There is an option for a special very large object for a larger donation.  Display, literature, and order forms are available in the hallway by the Nursery.

Sunday, April 20—Team 5

             6:00  Sunrise Easter Worship

             7:00  Easter Continental                                     Breakfast

             8:15  Easter Worship

             10:00  Easter Worship

             6:00  Cantata Practice 

Mon.      9:00-11:30   Ruth’s Pantry

             4:30-7:00  Ruth’s pantry

Tue.       8:00 Weigh-In Group

             9:00-10:30  Prayer + Share

Wed.     8:30  Sewing Circle

             12:45 Conversations in Scripture

             6:30  Worship Service

             7:00  Prepare to Affirm—9th                             Grade

             7:15  Senior Choir

Thur.     6:30  Cantata Practice

Sat.       8:00 a.m. Cemetery Cleanup


Sunday, April 27—Team 1

             8;15  Worship with Cantata

             9:20  Education Hour

             9:30  Adult Forum

             10;30  Worship with Cantata

Mon.      9;00-11:30  Ruth’s Pantry

             4:30-7:30  Ruth’s Pantry

             6:00 Crafts Small Groups

             8:00-Conversations in Scripture

Tue.       8:00  Weigh-In Group

             9:00-10:30  Prayer + Share

Wed.     12:45  Conversations in Scripture

             6:30  Worship Service

             7:00  Prepare to Affirm—9th                             Grade

             7:15  Senior Choir

This Week on the Hill

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Lenten Worship Opportunities

Easter Sunday, April 20

6:00, 8:15, and 10:00 a.m.—Broken Seal

Happy Easter! He is risen, indeed!


The deadline to order is Sunday, May 4.