Vacation Bible School (VBS) for Grace children and children of the community ranging in age from 3 to 12 is offered for a week in early June for children.  Children and youth who are too old to attend VBS classes are encouraged to help in the classrooms and craft areas. They get to have fun, too!




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Cradle Roll. Grace practices infant baptism and is a partner with parents and sponsors to fulfill the promises made at baptism. A periodic newsletter helping parents share their faith at home is sent to the families of baptized infants.

Confirmation. Along the way, children take more responsibility for their own confession of faith. In the fall of the third grade year, they receive their own Bibles. During the spring of the fifth grade, they study Holy Communion and receive First Communion, should they choose to do so. In grades 7-9, a focused study toward the affirmation of their baptism is undertaken.

Nursery. A nursery is available (infants through age 4) only two doors from the sanctuary. The nursery is available during Sunday school and worship services.

Library. A large selection of adult and children’s books, videos, and Christian periodicals are available for checkout. The library is located primarily in the Lounge, with various resources on bookshelves in the hallways.

Grace offers learning opportunities for all ages. Following is a list of the more popular Sunday Morning opportunities during the Sunday School hour from 9:20 to 10:20 during the school year. Adults meet in the Dining Room for a discussion of material chosen by the group.

Sunday School. Children in pre-kindergarten through 6th grade have Sunday School each Sunday from Labor Day to Memorial Day. They learn the stories of the Bible and how they apply in the children’s lives today. They also have an opportunity to learn stewardship by providing food for Ruth’s Pantry on assigned Sundays.

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Adult Forum.

On Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour, adults meet in the Dining Room to study a variety of materials designed to strengthen their faith.

Milestones. Milestones are those occasions in our lives when something big happens or when something happens that is big enough that we remember it.  This is what we are attempting to create in the lives of our children here at Grace.  When we celebrate the “Grace” moments of their lives, we want to give them a stone, a ‘milestone’ with a Bible verse on it, which they can take home, look up with a parent’s help, and keep in a special place.  Then as they grow and accumulate more milestones and more special milestone Bible verses, hopefully their spiritual life will also grow, as will their chances to think about these verses and to discuss these verses with parents or others.